Les Caison III is an award-winning artist from North Carolina.  A diverse upbringing and public education complete with critical accomplishments in music and visual art inform his creativity.  Les paints and illustrates, often intertwining the two, creating scenes of life every-day with a bit of expressive realism.  His mixed media paintings are inviting stories for all.  They offer something for the viewer to think about for a while.  Southern charm mixes well with the lightning, illuminating a one-of-kind with discerning accomplishments.

Les’ accolades include two North Carolina Arts Council recognized regional artist grants and multiple awards for individual artworks.  His creative can-do is multifaceted, deft, and diverse — often with community in mind.  He receives numerous invitations to not only create, but also exhibit, consult, judge, and mentor.  His patrons and exhibitions span many states.  He is collected internationally and has well over 150 exhibitions under his belt.  — something like 20 solo exhibitions.

Les is from Greensboro, NC and graduated with honors from Appalachian State University, earning a BFA in Studio Art.