This is where you will discover bodies of work, assorted commissions,

and other odds and ends from the mind of the III.


Going Down 2016

Loving the fall and smiling amid the darkest of endeavors — a mixed media series featuring acrylic paint.


Looking Up 2014-2015

Using what we have to move us forward while among the disco clouds.


Floating Women 2010

These women exist somewhere between terra firma and the ethers. They are “Floating Women”.


First Steps 2005 – Present

“First Steps” is an ongoing collection of 350+ rough hewn sketches on found and recycled paper.  This body of work explores the unabashed creative process usually found within sketchbooks or scrap paper.  This project is funded in part by a grant from the 2005 Asheville Area Arts Council’s Artist Grant.


T-Shirt Commissions

Check out these samples that may be found on the backs of yer pals.



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