“Possessing his own post-impressionistic flavor, Caison’s paintings are alive with dancing, vibrant color and rhythmic, expressive lines.”  Kat Lamp, GoTriad


“. . . there’s Les Caison III’s art which is more like a visual metaphor for spending an entire weekend making out with people at a jazz club, carefully balancing an intake of ecstasy and Adderall while thumbing through poetry collections and Frank Miller comics.”  Steve Shanafelt, Mountain Xpress


“Les Caison III is one of North Carolina’s young Renaissance artists.  He is a painter who knows how to draw and sketch; a collagist; he creates large-scale public murals; makes movie posters; donates his artwork to support non-profit organizations; teaches art classes; gives art talks; is always asking a million art-related questions; and somehow still finds time to hop-scotch the state promoting the work of other artists.  Obviously he loves to dance.”  Mary Anne Redding, Curator, Turchin Center for the Visual Arts


“Using oil paint and pencil [Caison’s artwork] will keep your attention for more than a few minutes.  Not only will you look high and low, searching for surprising signs of life around the painting, the more you look at it, the more you will look into it.” — Brian Crean,  Yes! Weekly